Expectedly, despite the additional measures for the enhancement and control of the effective indefinite ceasefire taken by the Ukrainian side, militants of the armed forces of Ukraine again grossly violated the declared truce.

Thus, the 24th nationalist battalion “Aidar” of the 53rd brigade opened fire at Novolaspa by using an automatic rocket launcher from an area of Starognatovka.

Militants of the 35th brigade also opened small arms fire at the village of Zaytsevo (south).

Those gross violations of the full ceasefire regime clearly demonstrate that Titenko and Palas, the commanders of the 53rd separate mechanized brigade and the 35th separate marine brigade, are unable to to control their fighters, thus undermining the public image of the Ukrainian leadership.

In addition, the Ukrainian war criminals who gave the orders to open fire clearly emphasized that the real power over Ukraine belongs to the military junta created by Poroshenko, so they care nothing for the instructions of their Supreme Commander-in-Chief V. Zelensky.

We demand that the Ukrainian side fulfill its commitments to enhance and control the effective indefinite ceasefire regime, which was agreed and signed by the members of the Contact Group, as well as affirmed by the corresponding order of the Ukrainian command.

We once again declare that if the enemy exerts aggression, the DPR People’s Militia will be ready to respond adequately to protect the Republic, if ordered.