Head of the Republic Denis Pushilin held an offsite meeting on the harvesting campaign, which was attended by Minister of Agro-Industrial Policy and Food Artyom Kramarenko, Minister of Revenues and Duties Yevgeny Lavrenov, Emergency Situations Minister Alexei Kostubitsky, Head of the Shakhtyorsk Administration Alexander Shatov, Rector of Donbas Agrarian Academy Vitaly Veretennikov and agricultural producers.

“The harvesting is being finished in the Republic. We expect that the results are going to be better than in previous years. We have to work hard, and we need to speed up. Because the food security is our top priority. I am sure that we can do everything and have the necessary opportunities for that,” Denis Pushilin stated.

During the report, Minister of Agro-Industrial Policy and Food Kramarenko noted that the harvest of winter crops was good.

“This season’s harvest already allows us to proceed with calculating possible exports of grain and flour for this year. According to preliminary calculations, we have planned about 58 thousand tons of wheat and 42 thousand tons of barley for export”, Artyom Kramarenko reported.

Minister of Revenues and Duties Yevgeny Lavrenov noted that the surplus of wheat and barley would be allowed for export once there was exact information on the amount of crops harvested in the Republic.

“All the surpluses will be allowed for export to attract money to the Republic,” Lavrenov said.

Further, Denis Pushilin asked Artyom Kramarenko about how this year’s harvest compares with previous years.

“We have a much better situation than in 2018, which brought a bad harvest. We have got a much better yield than in 2019. For comparison: as of this date, last year we harvested only 248 thousand tons of grain, but this year we did 346 thousand tons,” the minister replied.