The enemy did not open fire for the past 24 hours. Since the truce was declared at 00:01 on July 27, the enemy violated the ceasefire regime five times, spokesman for the DPR People’s Militia Directorate Colonel Eduard Basurin reported during the briefing on August 7.

Radically-minded militants from the 35th, 24th and 53rd brigades, armed with automatic rocket launchers and small arms, launched fire four times at Novolaspa, Dolomitnoye, Zaytsevo (south) and the village of Mine 6/7 in Gorlovka.

“Since the beginning of this 24-hour period, our lookouts have tracked engineering works and retrofitting of positions in the responsibility zone of the 1st battalion of the 36th marine brigade in the area of Pavlopol.

The People’s Militia continues to fulfill its obligations. In case of aggression from the armed forces of Ukraine, People’s Militia units, if commanded, will be able to make Ukrainian militants stop their criminal activity in due time,” Eduard Basurin said.