On Sunday of August 9, the second day of the 25th international bike show organized by the Night Wolves Motorcycle Club, Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin, together with Alexander Zaldostanov (Surgeon), planted a tree from Donbass on the Russian Spring avenue, which was laid at the foot of Mount Gasforta on March 18, 2020.

“I am very pleased that I have had an opportunity to plant a tree from Donbass, jointly with Surgeon. This is very significant. I express immense gratitude to Alexander Zaldastanov, a friend of mine and of the Republic. We are always waiting for him to visit!” the Head of the DPR said during his communication with journalists.

In turn, the leader of the Night Wolves Motorcycle Club stressed that Donbass is the frontier of the Russian world.

“Donbass shall not cancel tickets to Moscow!” — with this song, we drove up here to the alley. Because Donbass is the frontier of the Russian world, where its border passes. Donbass is still waiting in the wings, when we all will hug together on the Dnieper, Dniester and on the Danube. On such an occasion, today we planted a tree on the Russian Spring avenue, which started with Donbass and Sevastopol as well.

Then, the capital of Russia moved from Moscow to Donbass — Donetsk and Lugansk, and became for a time the capital of our state. The people who live there seem to be more Russian-minded then we are,” Alexander Zaldostanov said and told about the talisman that a woman from Donbass gave him, it has been with him for six years.

“I’m wearing the same ribbon, it’s time-worn, but very important to me.

It has a very touching story. At the very beginning of the Russian Spring, when I was in Donbass, a completely unfamiliar aged woman suddenly approached me. She tied this ribbon on my belt and said, “Let it guard you on the road.” And then she added: ‘Don’t leave us, don’t leave Donbass!”

I haven’t taken it off since. It hangs on the belt like a talisman, like a charm,” Alexander Zaldastanov told.

Let us add that the second day of the bike show “The Collapse of Babylon”, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, began with a large-scale motorcycle race from Mount Gasforta to Nakhimov Square in the hero city of Sevastopol. More than 500 bikers took part in it, Alexander Zaldostanov headed the procession.

The sports and music program of the second day of the bike show featured a concert by young talents from Crimean Academy of Arts Anton Eskin and demonstrational performances by athletes.

The festival of bikers will continue with a concert program featuring rock bands Kipelov, KnyaZz, Time-Out, Epidemia, Mordor, Yulia Andreeva and the band Arkhipelag.