For the past 24 hours, the enemy twice violated the ceasefire regime by carrying out fire provocations with the use of rocket launchers in the area of Dzerzhinskoye and the village of  Trudovskaya Mine in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, spokesman for the DPR People’s Militia Directorate Colonel Eduard Basurin reported during the briefing in Donetsk on August 12.

“From positions of the 2nd battalion of the 79th brigade a firing provocation was carried out with the use of automatic rocket launchers in the direction of our positions in the area of the village of Trudovskaya Mine. According to the data of observers the shooting was aimless, the arrival of a group of people with video cameras to the Ukrainian positions was registered before the committed provocation, and the negotiations on ensuring the work of mass media was registered on the enemy radio network.

Following the example of violators of the truce from the 79th brigade, militants of the 1st battalion of the 36th brigade carried out a fire provocation in the direction of our positions near Dzerzhinskoye. According to observers, one indirect shot was fired from an automatic rocket launcher,” Basurin said.

In violation of the reached agreements, the enemy also intensified engineering works.

Thus, our observers noted additional reinforcement of fortifications:

— engineering works were carried out in the area of Novomikhaylovka by the 2nd battalion of the 79th separate airborne assault brigade using a trench charge;

— in the area of Maryinka, Vodyanoye and Shumu, units of the 79th separate airborne assault brigade, 36th and 35th marine brigades were carrying out engineering work to reinforce positions.

Colonel Basurin emphasized that with these actions the enemy openly violated the measures taken to strengthen the ceasefire regime.

“As part of the coordination mechanism, the Ukrainian side is timely notified by us of all violations and engineering works being done. However, the failure of the AFU command to take timely action and punish those responsible, as prescribed in the agreements adopted, creates conditions for further escalation of the conflict. In case of further inaction of the Ukrainian command and failure to take action, we will have to give an adequate response by the decision of the Head of the Republic.

We call on international observers to force the Ukrainian leadership to abandon actions that escalated the situation at the line of contact,” the spokesman for the DPR PMD noted.