The command of the Joint Forces Operation instructed brigade commanders to set dry grass on fire near People’s Militia positions by using tracer ammunition and silencers, spokesman for the DPR People’s Militia Directorate Dmitry Astrakhan reported during the briefing in Donetsk.

“Thus, yesterday in the responsibility zone of the 501st battalion of the 36th separate marine brigade near Lebedinskoye we registered the burning of dry grass. However, as the result of a sudden change of the wind direction, the fire spread over to forward positions of the marines,” he said. Three explosions occurred during the fire, presumably, landmines were triggered by it.

“According to initial reports, one Ukrainian militant is dead and one is wounded. Thus, brigade commander Gnatov planned an act of warmongering against our Republic, but his inhumane actions cost the life and health of his subordinates,” Dmitry Astrakhan said.