On September 12, the Donetsk Legatus Centre for Youth Diplomacy hosted a presentation of the book “The Black Sun of Ukraine” by Russian political scientist and journalist Alexei Kochetkov. The book is dedicated to the history of the neo-Nazi Azov regiment, a correspondent of the Official Website of the Donetsk People’s Republic reports.

“The book continues the research on the development genesis of the Ukrainian neo-Nazism. The Azovites are classic neo-Nazis. They are among the most dangerous groups because they have a clearly structured ideology, they follow a specific plan. They are not just scammers taking advantage of the conditions, but the people plotting to seizing power in Ukraine. The assumption of power by such a force will mean not only war, but also a collapse of the Ukrainian statehood,” he said.

Alexei Kochetkov is also the author of the books “Ukraine 2012: How People’s Deputies were Chosen” and “Bloody Crimes of the Banderite Junta.” In 2014, in collaboration with Russian political scientist Stanislav Byshk, he wrote the book “The Euromaidan named after Stepan Bandera”, which was subsequently republished in English and Polish.