At the initiative of the Russian Centre, the Makeyevka City Council hosted an integration conference “With Russia in the Heart” on Monday of September 14. About 50 representatives of the city’s fields of education, culture, youth and sports, and health care took part in the conference. Each of the representatives presented the results of attending various events in the Russian Federation, the organization’s press service reports.

In the course of the meeting, there were discussed new cooperation rounds and the possibility of implementing the initiatives set forward by the integration programme participants.

Thus, the Makeyevka Lyceum authorities proposed to demonstrate the educational institution’s experience in working with gifted children as a result of effective interaction between the tutor and the child in participating in intellectually oriented international projects, conferences and academic competitions.

Along with that, at the conference, there were presented proposals to organize creative chemical laboratories in cooperation with colleagues from the Russian Federation, to invite them to a design and research chemistry competition organized by the teachers of Makeyevka, to conduct advanced training courses in the DPR territory for specialized experts in the fields of theatrical and choreographic art and others.