Today, on August 17, Kirovskoye hosted a requiem mourning rally to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the first mortar attack on the town in August 2014, the press service of the Donetsk Republic Public Movement reports.

Residents of the town assembled in the bomb shelter of the community center, where about 500 townspeople lived during the shelling in 2014. Head of the Town Hall and Secretary of the Local branch of the Donetsk Republic PM Sergey Yermakov and deputy of the DPR People’s Council Olga Kravtsova joined them to honor the memory of the victims with a minute of silence, as well as to lay flowers at the improvised memorial made from shell fragments.

Addressing the participants in the rally, Sergey Yermakov said that there was almost no place in Kirovskoye that Ukrainian shells had not hit.

“This is a tragic date in our history. It is painful. We realized that the Ukrainian side will use all kinds of weapons in the fight against those who do not agree with the coup d’état. The deaths of our people and all the destruction is on their conscience. Today we bow our heads to our countrymen whose lives were cut short six years ago. Their names will forever remain in our memory,” the mayor said.

In turn, chair of the Kirovskoye branch of the Union of Prisoners-Victims of Nazism Vera Volovod, an eyewitness of those tragic events, stressed that such crimes do not fall under the statute of limitations, and they must be investigated in international courts.

We shall remind you that 30 civilians died during the shelling of Kirovskoye in 2014, including four children.