The republic authorities assume that another round of confrontation between Russia and the West can aggravate the situation on the contact line in Donbass. But the DPR defenders are prepared for any eventuality, Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin stated in an interview with the PolitNavigator edition.

The Head of State noted an increase in the number of ceasefire violations committed by Ukraine since the turn of the year.

“The enemy has stepped up shelling the Republic, including with the weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements. Two local residents were injured. Infrastructure and residential buildings are getting destroyed again.

One of our battalion commanders Sergei Popov was attempted when an explosive device planted under his car detonated yesterday [on February 15 – ed.] in Gorlovka. An investigation is underway, and the main theory is the operation of a Ukrainian secret subversive group.  The most cynical aspect of the incident is that the military’s twelve-year-old daughter was in the car with him.

Aggressive actions and provocations of any kind can be expected from such an unscrupulous enemy. I have stated on several occasions and will again repeat that we are prepared for any eventuality,” Denis Pushilin said.

There was also discussed the question whether the Republic will be able to repel the attack by Turkish drones, actively purchased by Ukraine.

“The answer to this question belongs to the category of information constituting a State secret. Let’s just say that we do not rule out Ukraine’s implementing a military option involving the massive use of strike UAVs, as well as other types of modern weapons. When implementing our military doctrine, we are certainly mindful of this fact. Such actions will not go unanswered,” Denis Pushilin assured.

The Head of the DPR also commented on the recent visit of Vladimir Zelensky, accompanied by the G7 ambassadors, to the front line.

“Apparently, Zelensky is well-versed in theatrical performances. One of such performances was the invitation of the G7 ambassadors to the front line. The Ukrainian President aimed for playing for pity, justifying his failure to comply with the Minsk agreements, and asking for money. This is an obviously weak position. It was another demonstration of complete dependence on “senior partners” and currying favour with them.

But he failed to demonstrate the conflict escalation by our party. Because if the ambassadors had been under the impression that the visit to the contact line vicinities was dangerous, they would have never accepted the invitation to this performance,” Denis Pushilin emphasized.