The illegitimate government is again trying to Ukrainize the population of Ukraine, thereby infringing on the rights of the Russian-speaking population, DPR People’s Council deputy Maxim Knysh stated.

“I would like to remind once again that Article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine guarantees freedom in the use and protection of the Russian language. Thus, the illegitimate authorities are violating the Constitution of their own state by continuing to Ukrainize all educational institutions and fine the resident of Ukraine for speaking Russian.

The Law on the Ukrainian language as the state one could be called the law banning the Russian language. Officially, the President of Ukraine, deputies, teachers at schools and universities, doctors and pharmacists, utility workers and police officers have no right to speak Russian. The Russian language is officially losing the status of the language of interethnic communication in Ukraine despite the fact that citizens of many nationalities live there, and millions of them speak and think in Russian.

It is noteworthy that according to Article 3 and Article 10 of the Constitution of the Donetsk People’s Republic, all the residents enjoy the right to the freedom of choosing the language they want to speak,” Maxim Knysh said.