On November 17, the Head of the DPR held a meeting with the chiefs of executive authorities, where, in particular, they considered the issue of lump-sum compensations for the harm to the lives and health of citizens caused by the aggression of the Armed Forces and armed groups of Ukraine.

According to Labor and Social Policy Minister Larisa Tolstykina, lump-sum compensations are paid in stages.

“Unfortunately, given the financial situation, we pay compensations partly: the first stage of compensation payment was carried out from 2014 to 2018, and the second stage from 2018. As early as 2019, we managed to put money into the budget and now we pay compensation quarterly. That is, to date we have paid out ten stages: 523 million rubles out of the required 3.1 billion rubles provided for in the law.

For 2021, we have planned and are in the process of coordinating proposals to increase partial payments for two categories: families of dead military members and seriously wounded military. The total amount of additional funding for these two categories will make 267 million rubles, and we hope that this proposal will be supported,” Tolstykina informed.

Denis Pushilin instructed the Finance Minister to consider additional funding.

“This is a complex, difficult issue, and our obligations as the state in this regard should be implemented and fulfilled,” the Head of State added.