At the twentieth meeting of the commission of the public organization United Donbass Fund, which was held on October 17th, 538 applications from citizens who have ended up in difficult life situations were considered. Head of the fund Oleg Balykin reported this on October 22th during today’s briefing in Donetsk.

“The commission approved 179 applications, 359 applications were denied due to the lack of documents confirming the severity of the life situation.

Over twenty meetings held in 2019, the fund’s commission has approved 3,625 applications, 3,108 citizens have received assistance.

For the entire period of the fund’s work, 30,271 applications have been reviewed, of which 10,913 applications have been approved. As of October 18th, assistance has been paid to 10,224 applicants,” Balykin reported.

He also noted that United Donbass Fund allocates nonrecurring assistance. Those applicants whose application has been approved need to get the payment at post offices of Pochta Donbassa SE or at centers for social assistance and administrative services located at checkpoints.