Over the past day, no enemy attacks have been reported. The enemy continues to reinforce positions and deploy equipment in the area of withdrawal of forces and weapons near Zolotoye. This was reported today, on October 22nd, by the press service of the People’s Militia of the Lugansk People’s Republic.

“According to our intelligence, subordinates of the war criminal, commander of the 72nd brigade Bogomolov continue to use engineering equipment to reinforce their positions. In addition, in order to accuse People’s Militia units of shelling Zolotoye-4, militants of the 72nd AFU brigade during the work of OSCE observers at the withdrawal area open fire from their positions in order to provoke retaliatory fire from us. Employees of the special mission document these facts in official reports. Using this, the joint forces operation’s staff almost daily tries to accuse the LPR PM of shelling and disrupting disengagement activities,” the LPR PM press service said.