Western business representatives are seeking to cooperate with the DPR enterprises, Pericles Katsiolas, Director and Investment Manager of the Black Shield Investment Fund stated within the Donbass Economic Potential panel.

In his address he said that his company had taken interest in investing in the Donbass economy.

 “The fact that we are here attending the Forum with the partners we had already successfully cooperated with, proves that we haven’t come here for nothing, we are prepared, we are researching the situation and have incentives to invest funds,” he said.

Pericles Katsiolas also added that his company is ready for an open conversation with the authorities of the Republic on the investment climate promotion.

“We have had an extensive experience, and we know how to to deal with complicated situations. We worked in the 90s and after Yugoslavia collapsed. After 2010, we continued our work, so today we can see abundant examples of in which sphere and how to invest in Donbass,” he added.

“There is only one question, is there free capital and money for investment? Yes, there is. Are there any prerequisites for the development of the economy? Definitely, there are some!” he concluded.