Today, on October 29, during the work of the Donetsk International Investment Forum, its moderator, Rector of the Donetsk Academy of Management and Public Administration under the Head of the DPR, Larisa Kostrovets pointed out that a new economic model. This model aims at making a certain set of preferences that will be presented to investors, including the establishment of offshores.

“We are drawing up ways to attract foreign investors. This economic model will be based on the development of special conditions intended to attract foreign investors, it provides for the establishment of an offshore with full from tax and customs duties exemption, the rent-free and permanent transfer of land, improvement of the legal framework, and legalization of blockchain technology infrastructure. These theses will form the basis for the outcome document which will be read at the Forum’s Plenary and submitted to the government as proposals,” Larisa Kostrovets commented on the issue.