Deputy Chairman of the DPR Government Vladimir Pashkov, in an interview with media representatives, commented on the results of the Donetsk International Investment Forum, which ended its work today, on October 30th. According to a correspondent of the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the Vice Premier assured that all the proposals that came from the participants in the forum would be considered in depth at the nearest meetings of the Government.

“The event that we call an investment forum is a landmark event, which allows us, the Republic, to prove ourselves at a completely different level and to enter a completely different space. Before now, the beliefs about this territory, about the people living here, about the events that are happening here had been considered only in a military context. However, it is clear to everyone that life is taking on completely different shades and shapes, which suggests that peaceful life is coming. Therefore, the main thing is that we have started to speak differently, and we declare ourselves in a completely new ideology and philosophy, how we should live in the future.

I would not discuss the details of any project right now. First of all, we need to tap into the legal aspects for protection of investors in our territory. This matter is yet in the early stage. In my opinion, the experience the guests brought to us and shared with us, of course, must be taken into consideration.

In general, we stir great interest among our potential investors. This is illustrated by the number of guests who visited the forum and found an interest in our state and our Republic. This all speaks for itself,” concluded Vladimir Pashkov.