According to the summary from town and district administrations, more than 11 thousand housing facilities damaged as a result of attacks have been reconstructed in the Donetsk People’s Republic. Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Public Utilities Sector Sergey Naumets announced this on Tuesday of October 29th.

“According to the recent information received from town and district administrations as of October 20th this year, 27,211 residential buildings — apartment buildings and separate houses — have been damaged due to hostilities in the Republic. To date, 11,191 houses have been reconstructed. This is about 41% of the total number of the damaged houses,” Sergey Naumets informed.

The Minister also noted an increase in the percentage of reconstructed houses, drawing attention to the fact that if it were not for the continuing attacks, the indicators would have been better.

According to the Minister of Construction Industry, the statistics of housing destruction in the Republic grows mainly due to separate (detached) houses at the frontline zone, damaged or destroyed by AFU hostilities.