On October 31st, as part of the International Forum, Donetsk National University hosted the opening of its own TV studio and the presentation of the university television. A correspondent of the DPR official website reports.

DPR Minister of Information Igor Antipov spoke on the importance of the state-run media.

“State-run information resources play a great role in the creation of awareness among the population. The interaction between the public and the authorities of the Republic proceeds exactly through state-run informational sources. The protection of any state should begin not only with strengthening the defense capability, but also with building a strategically competent information component,” Igor Antipov emphasized.

In his speech, the DPR Minister of Information also focused on the advantages of the republic media, cooperation with Russian mass media, nuances of the information war of Ukraine against the DPR, etc.

The opening of the TV studio was marked by the recording of the first episode from the future cycle of the Rector’s Office show, which was attended by Rector of Donetsk National University Svetlana Bespalova, DRP Minister of Education and Science Mikhail Kushakov, member of the Russian Public Chamber Olga Voronova, and General Director of the Pervyi Respublikanskiy TV channel Viktor Petrenko.

The invited guests congratulated the university on the establishment of the student’s TV studio and university television. They noted that they would contribute to the consolidation of young people around the ideas of the Russian world and would become a serious practical basis for students of journalism.