Today, the press center of the Joint Forces’ Operation headquarters made an absurd statement, calling the intention on the part of the DPR to fulfill the obligations agreed upon by the Contact Group a provocation.

Firstly, the Ukrainian party to the JCCC has no authority to challenge the decisions of the Contact Group. Secondly, such statements demonstrate the lack of authority of their own Supreme Commander, who had previously reported on the withdrawal of forces and assets planned to take place on the site on November 4.

Along with that, such actions by the Ukrainian party serve as a manipulation, demonstrate outright sabotage of the Minsk agreements and an attempt to remold all arrangements.

We emphasize that the commitment to the implementation of the scheduled plan approved by the Contact Group has been repeatedly confirmed on our part. The DPR People’s Militia forces are still ready to renew commitments to implement the Framework Decision, consistent with which a white flare was launched today at 1:00 p.m. Moscow time.