On November 6th, 50 children deprived of parental care from the Gorlovka Social Center visited the Donetsk Republic Museum of Local History, where they saw an exhibition of drawings on the topic of Russian folk tales, made by children from Italy. After that, in turn, they painted drawings for their peers from Rome. According to a correspondent of the DPR official website, the works by the young Gorlovka residents on the topic of their favorite fairy tales will be handed over to Speranza and Madre Russia, cultural associations of Rome, to organize an exhibition, which will take place in Italy.

“The drawings by Italian children were handed over to us as a sign of respect and support to the people of Donbas. With these works they wanted to express their solidarity with the residents of Donbass and to support us in the struggle for freedom and independence, they showed their sympathy with our children and showed that they want peace to come here again. In their person, we see that civilized Italy stands in solidarity with Donbass,” said Svetlana Berdichevskaya, a representative of the international traveling exhibition Speranza in Posterum.

This trip to the museum was organized for the children from frontline Gorlovka by the Donetsk Republic Public Movement, it also provided them with paints, pencils and drawing books. Young artists from the ArtTaran platform helped the children in their artwork.

Andrey Bedilo, adviser to the chief of the Donetsk Republic Public Movement’s Central Executive Committee, emphasized that our museum of local history now has drawings of children from faraway Italy, who have put a part of their hearts into them.

“We thank all the children who did these drawings, and the adults who helped bring them to Donetsk. Today, in return, we will give a part of our hearts to Italian children, and our children’s drawings will also be delivered to faraway Italy,” he said.

Besides the art master class for the children from Gorlovka, the staff of the Donetsk Republic Museum of Local History conducted a tour, during which the children were acquainted with exhibitions in the nature and geology halls.