A tiny bunch of nationalists virtually govern the thirty-five million strong state and blackmail the president, while he tries to “find an understanding in their eyes” in a casual setting. DPR People’s Council deputy Alexander Kurenkov commented so on the recent events in Ukraine.

“The recent news from neighboring Ukraine suggest that extremists in this country feel very free. For example, they vandalize cultural facilities and insult the historical memory of their own ancestors, as was the case with the bas-relief of Marshal Zhukov in Odessa. Neither the police nor the authorities hold them accountable; on the contrary, the ruling elite finds excuses for their actions, the most awkward ones sometimes.

Murderers are on the loose in the country, and hundreds of innocent people who are not afraid to express their opinions are in jail for political reasons. For the last five years, because of the connivance policy of Kiev, Ukraine has turned into an incubator for white racists and aggressive young people who do not remember their roots and do not know their history. In fact, they form a very easy-to-handle crowd ready to march in formation, with torches in their arms, capable not only of destroying monuments and throwing fiery bottles. They are ready to kill people of other nationalities or those having different views to defend an idea that they are not even able to explain.

However, all this happened in Ukraine only because of the policy of the ruling party in Kiev. Today, neither the president nor his entourage bother trying to stand against this terrible phenomenon. Zelensky, as the guarantor, as the supreme commander-in-chief, should be giving orders rather than telling jokes or doing stand-up comedy at the line of delimitation. Today, the new president of Ukraine is increasingly becoming a 2.0 version of Poroshenko,” the parliamentarian emphasized.