The International Federation of Journalists has added Ukraine to the list of five countries where there is posed high-level danger to the work of journalists along with the Philippines, Somalia, Peru, and Palestine. DPR People’s Council deputy Alexander Kamyshov commented on this fact.

“Ukrainian politician Nestor Shufrich said at parliamentary hearings that more than 60 journalists had been killed to this day in his country since 1993. Moreover, these crimes go unpunished in 90% of cases. His words have been confirmed by the International Federation of Journalists, which included Ukraine in the top five most dangerous countries for representatives of this profession. And now, Mr. Shufrich from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada claims facts of the freedom of speech violations, forceful pressure exerted on the media in Ukraine, as well as corruption in the ranks of the National Council for TV and Radio Broadcasting. It is not clear how this could happen in a country so committed to European values.

Only one thing is clear: Ukraine is a dangerous country not only for journalists. Any person, whether a citizen of Ukraine, or a representative of another country, when expressing his point of view, can be beaten by nationalists, end up in prison, or even lose life if the opinion stated diverges from the course adopted in the country.

Up until 2014, all of us lived in another Ukraine for which we were never ashamed. But now, Kiev authorities are incapable of controlling the rampant nationalists whom they have nurtured with their own hands. Therefore, after five years of aggression, shelling and blockade, we understand that we are out of the way followed by the modern Ukraine, and our future comes connected with the Russian Federation,” Alexander Kamyshov said.