A regular meeting of the Commission on Economic Affairs of the DPR Public Chamber of the DPR was held in Donetsk today, on November 7. According to the correspondent of the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the meeting participants discussed the latest developments related to integration processes, and also gave consideration to the need to develop the transport system and logistics in the DPR.

“We have several issues on today’s agenda. These, of course, include the integration process. Together with our colleagues, we visited the Public Chambers of the Bryansk and Moscow Regions of the Russian Federation pursuing the goal of establishing friendly relations and partnership with public figures. It was an important step towards the integration of Donbass with Russia. We also discussed interaction issues and gained the tremendous experience we hope to put into practice.

Another important point we would like to discuss is the transport system development. It is generally understood that it is necessary to develop a transport system in order to be attractive for investments,” commented Yekaterina Martyanova, Deputy Chairperson of the DPR Public Chamber.

“Within the framework of the Public Chamber, and as part of the economic commission’s functioning, a working group on investment activities has been created. Its operation has been launched recently, but we have already developed a draft “road map” to improve the investment environment of our Republic,” said Viktoria Romaniuk, a member of the DPR Public Chamber.

“We present a vision of the situation on the part of the legislature and the aid and assistance that we can provide at our level. We have certain concepts. They are being elaborated in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport. There is already a common concept that will enable us to simplify transport and logistics system in the DPR,” said the Deputy Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Committee on Transport and Communications, deputy Alexander Bondarenko.