On November 6th, Deputy Chairperson of the Public Chamber Ekaterina Martyanova, jointly with Russian public figures, delivered humanitarian aid, which included computers and stationery sets, to educational establishments of the frontline villages in Novoazovsky and Telmanovsky Districts. The humanitarian aid was given to the kindergarten in Krasnoarmeyskoye, schools in Staraya Laspa, Krasnoarmeyskoye and Sakhanka, a correspondent of the DPR official website reports.

“People often ask me for help, today we have visited several frontline villages and managed to materialize requests of the people. Our assistance was mainly directed to children, since the most priceless thing we have is our children. And we, adults, should make every effort to ensure that our kids have a real childhood,” Ekaterina Martyanova said.

Vadim Khomich, a public figure from Moscow, stressed that the fate of the residents of Donbass is not indifferent to him.

“I realize that the people who live here are mostly Russian. They fight for the ideas of the Russian world, so I want to stay in the same ranks with them. I have brought six computers, which were given to schools and a kindergarten. The children also received first-grader’s kits and toys from the Happy Children charity fund from the town of Elektrostal. And food packages were given to disabled war veterans. I just have no moral right not to come here. In the future, by May 9, I would like to bring the frontline villages several playgrounds for children,” Vadim Khomich informed.