The AFU command continues to ignore the Minsk Agreements, in whose violation it deploys heavy weapons near the contact line and social facilities, Deputy Commander of the Operational Command Colonel Eduard Basurin reported at the briefing in Donetsk on November 8.

“Our intelligence confirms that AFU units, in violation of the Minsk Agreements, have deployed five artillery systems, forty-two armored combat vehicles and twenty antiaircraft missile systems near residential buildings and in the territory of municipal facilities: Vinogradnoye — one Osa anti-aircraft missile system; Zaytsevo — two Osa anti-aircraft missile systems and an armored personnel carrier; Kodema — one Osa anti-aircraft missile system; Mironovsky — an APC and one MTLBmulti-purpose light-armored towing vehicle; Vozrozhdeniye — one Osa anti-aircraft missile system and a Msta-B towed howitzer; Krinichnoe — one Osa anti-aircraft missile system; Novgorodskoye — two APCs; Pervomayskoye — a towed howitzer and two Osa anti-aircraft missile systems; Andreyevka — a Msta-B towed howitzer; Belaya Gora — a ZU-23 anti-aircraft system, two MTLBs, three BRDM reconnaissance vehicles; Troitskoye — four BTR-80armored vehicles and an APC; Verkhnetoretskoye — one BRDM and a Shilka self-propelled anti-aircraft system; Novobakhmutovka —  one BTR-4 Grom; Avdeyevka — an IFV; Karlovka — an APC; Krasnogorovka — an IFV and one MTLB; Maryinka — two infantry fighting vehicles; Ostroye — an APC; Kasyanovka — one Osa anti-aircraft missile system; Polkovoye and Kasyanovka — two Osa anti-aircraft missile systems; Starognatovka — two IFVs; Novosyolovka-2 — an IFV and one MTLB; Novosyolovka —  one Strela-10 anti-aircraft missile system and a ZU-23 anti-aircraft system; Nikolayevka — a BTR-70; Pischevik — four BTR-80; Chernenko — three APCs; Gnutovo — two APCs; Kalinovo — two Gvozdika 122mm self-propelled howitzers; Mariupol — four BUK antiaircraft missile systems; Shirokino — three APCs and a ZU-23 anti-aircraft system,” Eduard Basurin reported.

The colonel also added that according to the instructions from joint forces operation commander Kravchenko, EW units continue to jam the control links of OSCE UAVs in order to conceal the deployment of prohibited military equipment.

“Over the past week, we repeatedly detected the operation of Bukovel-AD and R-934B EW systems from the 20th and 305th AFU EW battalions. They operate mainly in Mariupol vectors, where in Lebedinskoye, Chermalyk, Stepanovka, Lastochkino and Viktorovka, OSCE monitors were forced to suspend the UAV operation due to the threat of their loss. In addition, Ukrainian militants opened fire with small arms at an UAV of the international mission in Chermalyk,” Eduard Basurin noted.