The policy pursued by the Ukrainian authorities is destroying the industry of Ukraine itself, stated by DPR People’s Council deputy Vladislav Rusanov.

“When visiting the Malyshev plant in Kharkov, the President of Ukraine Zelensky was surprised to find out that this enterprise produced in a year only one tank intended for the AFU. He even recalled that the plant used to produce about 900 tanks a year. I would like to ask Mr. Zelensky a question: can’t he see a direct connection between the law on desovietization and the situation at the legendary Kharkov enterprise, where world-famous T-34 tanks were created? Doesn’t it seem to him that in the country, where monuments and memorial plaques to Marshal of Victory Georgy Zhukov are demolished, it is to say the least strange to cite labour feats of the Soviet rearguard workers during the Great Patriotic War as an example?

When in the state there is vilified the heroic heritage of ancestors, the neo-Nazis destroy monuments of the glorious past with impunity, and the authorities indulge them, it is not realistic to expect that Soviet traditions can be applicable to the country Ukraine has become by now,” the deputy commented.