Today, thanks to the efforts of the DPR Plenipotentiary Representative and mediators for the negotiating process — representatives of the Russian Federation and the OSCE SMM coordinators — all members of the Contact Group jointly agreed on a new date, the 9th of November, to begin practical measures for the elimination of violations at the previously disengaged are near Petrovskoye.

We declare that in accordance with the agreement, DPR People’s Militia units are ready to renew their commitments as before to implement the Framework Decision, in confirmation of which we launch a white flare tomorrow at 13:00 Moscow time (12:00 Eastern European). We expect the synchronous launch of a white flare from the armed formations of our opponent.

After the parties launch green flares, the practical part of the activities on eliminating the violations documented by the OSCE SMM will begin synchronously and simultaneously, detected weapons and armed persons are to be withdrawn outside the disengagement area, for which, according to the implementation roadmap, three days are set aside.

If these activities are carried out, of which the parties will notify the OSCE SMM, and the mission, in its turn, register and document the completion of this part of the roadmap in corresponding reports, then the following set of measures will begin, the area is to be cleared of mines and other explosive items, fortifications and other military facilities are to be demounted synchronously andsimultaneously, nonexplosive obstacles in the disengagement areas are to be removed.

We hope that this time it will go without provocations from the Ukrainian side and the strict implementation of the roadmap agreed upon by the Contact Group will begin on the date and at the time set.