DPR People’s Council deputy Alexander Kurenkov commented on the situation in Ukraine in an interview with a correspondent of the DPR official website.

“The characteristic process of the state collapse is ongoing. Literally today, I read that the population of Ukraine makes approximately 25-27 million people. That is, everyone who wanted and had the opportunity to leave this country has gone far abroad or to Russia. Only the people who have nowhere to go have stayed.

Ukraine has reached the end of the rope, because Denmark has permitted to lay the Nord Stream II in its territory, which means that the gas pipeline will be built soon. That is, the gas transit through Ukraine may be terminated, and its gas transportation system may simply turn into an empty pipe.

Given the tremendous escalation of the tariffs for housing and utility services, as well as electricity, the debts of the population have increased. They exceed several billion UAH. This money will never be repaid, this is a blow to the budget, to the heating companies.

In such a situation, what can one say about the government that was proposed purchasing Russian gas directly, 25% cheaper than they now receive it through Slovenia and Poland? But Ukraine in the person of the government refused this advantageous offer. Are they really the people who care of their citizens? No. The ratings are beginning to fall, Zelensky’s fate is not enviable,” Alexander Kurenkov stated.