As part of the Patriotic Cinema Day, which was held in the Republic for the first time, the DPR capital’s KinoKult cinema hosted the screening of the Russian Reactor feature film dedicated to the history of Russia.

Head of the Russian Reactor creative project, a famous Russian public figure, President of the Night Wolves motor club Alexander Zaldostanov (The Surgeon), told a correspondent of the DPR official website about the reasons that had prompted to raise the historical theme in the film.

“Without the memory of the past, there is no future. In modern wars, in the first place there are bombed not bombing military facilities but museums. This happened in Syria and in other countries. This is done to erase the memory. If it is destroyed, we will turn from a people into a crowd.

I consider the Soviet legacy to be the factor determining the future. This is what the Russian Reactor film is focused on. Now we must remove the article of the Constitution prohibiting having an ideology. Russia cannot live without an idea. And as soon as an idea emerges, we will immediately formulate a goal. Prokhanov is travelling all over Russia passionately looking for the Russian dream. Along with this dream, a great goal will come that will unite the entire Russian people,” Alexander Zaldostanov said.