For six years now, the Ukrainian government has been making all sorts of plans for the total extermination of Donbass. Mikhail Ignatov, an entrepreneur, told the DPR official website about this in an interview.

“They dream of brainwashing the local residents of the Republics in the same way as they successfully did with the population of Ukraine, from the delirious statements that the militiamen fire at themselves on down to this fantastic document of the National Security and Defense Council, which details the plan for the deportation of the people of Donbass.

Zelensky and his brilliant team of sub-specialists, through their statements and actions, are bringing to naught the entire process of peaceful settlement of the conflict, showing that the Ukrainian modern political elite does not understand diplomacy totally.

The plan for the deportation of Donbass, which was invented by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, is aimed solely at mopping up people in Donbass who do not please Ukraine, and is absolutely contrary to the Minsk Agreements and international arrangements. Danilov’s vague attempts to excuse himself for this plan once again proves that Kiev will stop at nothing to take over the Donetsk land and sell it out along with the rest of Ukraine. All these actions run counter to the agreements reached in Minsk. In Donbass, even a child knows all the items of the Minsk Agreements, but the grown-ups in Kiev just will not condescend to read the signed papers.

For six years now, we have been resisting this Ukrainian Nazi aggression, defending our right to freedom and life. This is our land and we will not let anyone take it away from us,” he said.