The plan for the deportation of the people of Donbass appeared on the Internet for the first time in early November, DPR People’s Council deputy Alexander Kurenkov noted in an interview with the DPR official website.

“Since the representatives of the Ukrainian government had not commented anyhow on this document of the National Security and Defense Council for a long time, I suppose that they did not expect such a sudden leak of their criminal plans and spent a long time thinking how to get out of this situation.

Even the so-called disproof Danilov presented looked more like a pathetic and completely unconvincing excuse.

Zelensky’s intentions, as we can see, are no different from those of Poroshenko. He and his “green” team are the same criminals, and their plan for the deportation of the residents of Donbass is yet another confirmation of their Nazi nature. Judging from this document, those who do not leave will be convicted and no amnesty they envisage, although the amnesty is clearly spelled out in the Minsk Agreements.

Every word and action from Zelensky have been increasingly confirming the rightfulness of the course that the residents of the republics chose in 2014: we are going home, to Russia,” Alexander Kurenkov said.