At today’s meeting, the security group discussed problems related to the implementation of the Framework Decision, as well as the consequences of ongoing violations of the current truce by the AFU. The parties regarded the fulfillment of the implementation roadmap on the renewed commitments for disengagement in the area of Zolotoye and Petrovskoe as positive in general. At the same time, DPR representatives noted that the armed formations of Ukraine did not observe the ceasefire in full within the limits and inside the five-kilometer zone around the disengagement area No. 3, the DPR Foreign Affairs Ministry’s press service reports.

“Given the minor violations on the part of the Republic, we have already carried out all the main measures according to the implementation roadmap. Taking into account the time left until December 4, there is the possibility to survey the territory more thoroughly as part of the demining activities. We expect that the Ukrainian side will meet the deadlines and fulfill its obligations in full,” DPR plenipotentiary Natalya Nikonorova said.

She also stressed that the roadmap would be considered implemented only after the OSCE SMM conducted the verification and confirmed the completion of all activities in the disengagement area in a special report.

“Unfortunately, today Ukrainian negotiators in the security group obstructed the discussion of the draft supplement, citing the absence of the issue on the agenda. However, the coordinator highlighted its importance and relevancy for further successful implementation of the existing Framework Decision, and also for the discussion of new disengagement sites. In this regard, we suggested that the Contact Group give a respective instruction and we hope that the draft supplement will be discussed as a separate item on the agenda for the next meeting,” Natalya Nikonorova noted.