Today, on November 28, Donetsk athletes who had demonstrated good results at the KWF Karate World Cup in Tokyo (Japan) were awarded Certificates of Appreciation from the DPR Head. According to the correspondent of the Official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin personally spoke with the karatekas in one of the Donetsk training halls. The athletes detailed their participation in the competition and thanked the Head of the Republic for the help and support provided in organizing our team’s trip to Japan.

“I would like to thank you so very much. The Republic’s team has demonstrated huge success. On behalf of all us, karatekas, and on behalf of the whole karate family of the DPR, we would like to express our great appreciation and gratitude for the development. The fact that we have gained this experience is just priceless for us!” Yuri Martynov, the President of the Sports and Traditional Karate Federation of the DPR and a People’s Council deputy, said.

“In fact, it’s you who have done a great job. The leadership of the Republic and I personally simply could not act in any other way. We had to break through all the difficulties, both internal and external ones. But, you went [to Japan], and you have definitely proved that it hadn’t been in vain. After all, I know firsthand what sport is. It implies self-discipline, and the proper spirit, and psychological determination, and the help of the coach… And I can say for sure that you have been really great!” Denis Pushilin said.

The Head of the Republic also touched upon Ukraine’s negative reaction to the success won by the Donetsk team.

“The day before flying home, I received a call from the President of the Japan KWF Karate Federation, Yahara-sensei, a globally respected karateka, who told me that the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine had filed a note of protest. For a quite a while he could not understand what the reason was. But, the most pleasant thing he said is that it was long ago that he had seen karate’s of such a level,” Yuri Martynov said.

During the conversation, the athletes addressed the Head of the DPR with a request for help in arranging the reception of the Japanese sensei for him to review the qualification of Donetsk karatekas, and holding a seminar. In addition to that, head coach of the DPR KWF karate team Andrey Medvedev took the initiative to establish a youth school for this sport.

“Thank you very much guys! Indeed, by your actions, your deeds, your perseverance, you are already doing a great deal of good for the Republic. I would like to note that everyone should contribute to the Republic with whatever possible in their place, where they can feel the call. And then the Republic will be transformed and become what we want it to be. So that there is a peaceful sky above our heads, so that the economy develops and our children can freely move around the world, doing sports, participating in competitions,” Denis Pushilin concluded.

As will be recalled, the DPR national team took part in the competition as a full member of the Karatenomichi World Federation. The tournament was attended by teams from 31 countries. Following the outcome of the competition, the DPR team won the second place in the unofficial team ranking. The Donetsk karatekas won the total of 13 medals, including 10 gold ones. At the same time, the team took part in the competition under its own flag.