The authorities of Ukraine definitely do not look forward to Donbass returning as a region. At least with the people living here. This is what Ilovaisk resident Olga Kharinova believes.

“All the bellicose statements by the Ukrainian government say that we hate the Ukrainians and envy them, that we live in basements and are not humans at all, but some scums. As for this plan for the deportation of the people of Donbass, do they really think in Kiev that all of this can result in any settlement?

When I heard what exactly was written in this plan, I was not surprised at anything, to be honest. I was surprised later when Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov began to justify himself, saying that there was no such a plan. I will get this straight – he is a terrible storyteller. Maybe he will proceed with telling that people do not die here, and there is no war, and Donbass indeed belongs to Ukraine? Another person used to say something of the kind, and now he is not a president, but almost a defendant. I am hopeful that Poroshenko will be held accountable for all what he did and will go to jail.

If Zelensky does not want to end up just like his predecessor, he is simply obliged to implement whatever has been approved in Minsk. And we will not be suffering without Ukraine anyway, we will join Russia and Donbass will live in freedom without Nazis,” Olga Kharinova said.