On November 27, a deputy of the DPR Youth Parliament, Karina Pavluchkova, discussed the Minsk agreements with students of the Donetsk Academy under the DPR Internal Affairs Ministry.

“The Minsk agreements minimized the casualty rate among the civilian population and military personnel, and set for Ukraine the obligatory fulfillment of conditions which, in their opinion, are considered impossible. If the disengagement of forces at two contact sites caused such a reaction of the nationalist battalions and Ukrainian passionaries, then how can the remaining paragraphs be expected to be implemented?

The provision of special status to Donbass will lead to a logical parade of sovereignties throughout Ukraine. Thus, it becomes clear that the Minsk Agreements’ implementation will bring on the final dismantling of Ukraine.

We must demand from the international community that they force Kiev to thoroughly fulfill its obligations under the Minsk agreements, because for us it is the way home, the way to Russia,” Karina Pavlyuchkova commented.