Ukraine has prepared several plans for the reintegration of Donbass. Alexei Muratov, the Head of the Central Executive Committee of the Donetsk Republic Public Movement, commented on this fact.

“More and more details of the plans for the re-Ukrainianization of Donbass become known. According to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Alexei Danilov, Kiev has as many as five plans, and one of them, apparently, is a plan for the deportation of the Donbass people. Through official representatives of the authorities have not yet disclosed the details of these scenarios, it is safe to say that none of them takes into account not only the interests, but even the basic rights and freedoms of our citizens. This is clear even from the letter of the National Security and Defense Council to the President’s Office, which detailes the plan for the deportation of the population of the Republics, their selection and resettlement to ghettos.

In accordance with the Ukrainian concept of transitional justice, which, in its essence, implies the legitimization of lawlessness, segregation of the local population and the disenfranchisement of the unwanted, it is planned to establish a special body to investigate crimes committed during the conflict in the Donbass territory.

But there will be investigated neither the bloody crimes committed by the National Battles nor the ones that resulted in the deaths of civilians. No, it is about the crimes of the doctors who saved the lives of the Republic’s defenders, the teachers who instilled respect and love for their native land, mother tongue, historical memory and traditional cultural values, the miners who earned money for the DPR budget to provide children with free meals in kindergartens and schools, to restrain prices for utilities and other immoral, from the point of view of the “Europeans”, things.

In the meantime, the “truth commissions” will determine the degree of everyone’s complicity and guilt, the residents of Donbass will be kept in private remand centres, the opening of which has already been announced by Ukraine’s Justice Minister Denis Malyuska. The most ingenious idea of ​​the Ukrainian government in terms of cynicism is to make money on persons under investigation. After all, it is such a burden for the country’s budget — millions of prisoners. Let them contribute, atone for guilt, even if it has not yet been proven. In its criminal practicality, the methods and means used, Kiev gets more and more assimilated to the fascist Germany.

This is the future prepared for us by Zelensky’s hangers-on. But their strivings are not destined to come true. Donbass will never let this happen, because we have made our historical choice, defended it with arms, and for sixth years now we have been confidently on course to its implementation, heading for our homeland, Russia! And the more terrifying prospects are drawn by the criminal Kiev regime, the more the confidence grows that this choice was correct and there was no alternative,” Alexei Muratov said.