Ukrainian politicians are strong in lies and phrase-mongering, so Mr. Danilov’s disproof of the plan by the National Security and Defense Council looks unconvincing, DPR People’s Council deputy Vladimir Medvedev stated.

“We have long been accustomed to the fact that the Ukrainian information space regularly puts out God knows what “plans for the renationalization of Donbass”, Zelensky’s formulas, initiatives and ideas that Kiev tries to pass off as alternatives to the Minsk Agreements. What Ukraine is strong in is its phrase-mongering, and against the background of that, the statements from secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Mr. Danilov that the much-talked-of letter with the plan on the deportation of our citizens is not real look very sluggish and unconvincing. After all, no one prevents him from coming forward with an official disproof instead of ranting about the allegedly non-existent address in the form.

Yesterday Danilov told about the existence of as many as five secret scenarios for the re-Ukrainianization of Donbass. The secretary of the National Security and Defense Council has already got lost in his own statements, one day there were no plans at all, now there are as many as five of them. The thing we know for sure is that Kiev continues to work an angle and scheme vile plans against the residents of Donbas, which they will be denying until someone from the Ukrainian government lets it slip accidentally.

Even today we read that Ukraine’s minister of justice Denis Malyuska has announced the closure of unoccupied prisons and the establishment of a private type of pre-trial detention facilities. That is, they are going to put all residents of Donbass who do not want to move out of their homes in private detention facilities. As if our houses and towns were not destroyed enough, they want to make money out of the survivors.

Of course, we can listen to and read all those statements and once again wonder at the degree of cynicism of some Ukrainians and also at the fact that in the 21st century, there may be talks about the deportation of people in the country that considers itself a civilized state. We hardly can take it in because despite all provocations of Ukraine, we continue to build our state guiding by the agreements previously signed and the principles of international law. Apparently, these notions are mere words for many Ukrainian politicians,” Vladimir Medvedev stated.