Attacks and refusal to implement the Minsk Agreements confirms the Ukrainian government’s plan for the genocide of the people of Donbass, DPR People’s Council deputy Kirill Makarov stated.

“At long last Danilov attempted to deny his own plan for deportation of the people of Donbass. It is characteristic that there was no official disproof published on the website of the National Security and Defense Council. The Ukrainian media reported that the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council called the leaked evidence of the criminal intentions of the Kiev power a fake. At the same time, the Ukrainian official did not even bother to find any weighty arguments.

However, the AFU do not stop their attacks, the Ukrainian side is not going to implement the Minsk Agreements, and it is these actions that are the best confirmation that the plans for the genocide of the Donbass population are real.

Now Danilov claims that there are actually different scenarios for the re-Ukrainianization of Donbass, but keeps the details secret. It is to be supposed that the plan for the deportation of the people of Donbass was one of such secret scenarios. We can only guess what other crazy plans Kiev is scheming against us. The DPR and the LPR no longer believe the words of representatives of the Ukrainian government, and Zelensky’s team continues the policy of Poroshenko’s team in fact,” Kirill Makarov commented.