The armed formations of Ukraine do not desist from their efforts to destabilize the situation in Donbass. To this end, they purposefully conduct shelling of residential areas of our Republic, the emergency statement by an official representative of the DPR People’s Militia Directorate reads.

Along with that, we keep registering the enemy’s non-combat losses. Units of the 10th separate mountain assault brigade, which had arrived in the Joint Forces Operation zone, after the recent rains faced the problem of trenches’ collapsing and dugouts’ getting flooded.

Shortly before the arrival of the operational and tactical Vostok Group’s commission aiming at checking the fortification equipment of the positions after the incident when a serviceman died in a dugout, the commander of the 10th brigade instructed to prepare exemplary positions.

In this regard, we have detected the enhanced activities of engineering units on the construction of new positions to replace the dilapidated ones. However, due to non-compliance with safety requirements when handling trench charges, an explosion occurred, as a result of which two servicemen got killed and three suffered injuries. With a view to conceal the circumstances of the incident and in order to evade responsibility, the brigade’s command has sent to the Joint Forces Operation headquarters a report on the alleged shelling.