First, the plan for the deportation of the people of Donbass leaked out, then they announced their intentions to create a special agency to investigate the crimes committed in Donbass, and a “Truth Commission” that would find out how much people love Ukraine. Maria Komornaya, a doctor from Makeyevka, told about this to the DPR Official Website.

“Knowing exactly how in Kiev they take truth, justice, honesty, impartiality and humanity, we can imagine how all those bodies and commissions will work.

It goes without saying that Ukraine’s purpose is to mop up Donbass from the people who interfere with the free management of land and resources. Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov, as he said, has as many as 5 different “scenarios” with which they can do that in the most advantageous way for Kiev.

Ukrainian minister of justice Maliuska also joined in those scenarios, announcing the opening of a large number of “private” remand prisons in Ukraine, where prisoners will pay for their imprisonment. Something tells me those remand prisons will have enough room for all of us. Can you imagine how much money they will get from those establishments? One honeypot, a military one, will close down, so they have found an alternative to it. Crazy fascists will stop at nothing out of profit-seeking.”