On Sunday of December 1st, Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin in a live television broadcast of the Big Game show on the Russian First Channel commented on the adoption of the Law On the State Border of the Donetsk People’s Republic and spoke about the “breakthroughs” that Ukraine takes credit for on the eve of the Normandy format meeting.

We remind you that on November 29, the DPR People’s Council passed the Law On the State Border of the Donetsk People’s Republic in order to regulate the spheres of activity of some Republic institutions.

The Head of state once again stressed that according to the Constitution, the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic is based on the entire borderline of the former Donetsk Region.

“Why has the law been adopted now? I will tell you honestly and frankly, although I realize it is unlikely that Ukraine believes it, but it is just a systematic legislative activity within the Republic. We need to go directly by the laws that are passed in our country. We live by these laws. …In order to provide the customs service and the state border service with all the necessary bylaws, we needed a law. That is why we passed it right now.

This law was quite naturally and positively taken in our country. In Ukraine, it causes some suspicion. It is absolutely natural and logical for us to pass it now. We need to efficiently fill the gaps that exist: we lack about two thousand laws, and we are working on them,” the Head of the DPR noted.

He added that the line of contact is determined as a special case until the conflict with the rest of Ukraine is resolved.

“There have been no violations of the Minsk Agreements or destructive steps on our part,” Denis Pushilin stated.

The Head of the Republic also commented on the situation about the media leak of the so-called plan on the deportation of the people of Donbass.

“This is unacceptable. And this is a blatant demonstration of what they want, and what is scarier, what the Kiev power has been doing to the residents of Donbass these six years. It does not matter under which president. Under Poroshenko, we had not expected anything good for quite some time now. Indeed, with regard to Zelensky, there were some hopes, even if they were weak, that the statements about peace reestablishment, with which he was going to the polls, would come true. Alas, more than six months have passed, but we see no hint that there are any peace initiatives in progress, except for loud statements on the media. We heard more vivid statements from Poroshenko,” the head of state emphasized.

Denis Pushilin noted that the stance of the current representatives of Ukraine to the negotiating process remains as destructive as under Poroshenko.

“We see what is really happening now at the line of contact. Sometimes they fire even more than in the last period under Poroshenko. The civilian population is being killed and infrastructure is being destroyed. The position of the Ukrainian representatives to the negotiating process is still destructive. There is no trace of compromise or desire to find common ground in order to move forward,” Pushilin noted.

According to him, primarily the interests of the residents of Donbass should guide the authorities of the Republic in this situation.

“If we waited for something from Kiev, we would be dead already. We just go on working, and that includes passing the laws that we need,” the leader of the state summed up.