The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine does not disclose reintegration scenarios for an obvious reason — they confirm the authenticity of the plan for the deportation of the population of Donbass, DPR People’s Council deputy Valery Skorokhodov stated.

“The policy pursued by the post-Maidan authorities was originally aimed at the genocide of the residents of the DPR and LPR, and nothing has actually changed with the arrival of Zelensky’s team. New politicians are more skillfully disguised, but the truth still finds its way. The deportation plans, voiced by the Minister of Justice, confirm the intention to open private pre-trial detention centers in Ukraine. It is in such private prisons that it is planned to keep the Kiev regime’s undesirables and at the same time make money from the prisoners. Moreover, in Kiev, it was decided to establish a certain “truth commission” and various special bodies that would be tasked with determining the degree of love for Ukraine exercised by the Donbass people, and deciding our fate following the results of this test.

After all these statements made in Kiev they are still trying to whitewash themselves, pass off all their criminal actions as normal and logical. However, it is impossible to lie to people infinitely. Sooner or later, the cynicism and duplicity of the Ukrainian president and his entourage will become clear to one and all, and this will inevitably lead them to political death,” Valery Skorokhodov commented.