The plan to deport the people of Donbass denied by Kiev has eventually been confirmed by Zelensky, who openly stated in the interview with the German Spiegel that everyone who advocates joining Russia should leave Donbass. Donetsk volunteer Mikhail Ignatov expressed his opinion on this statement.

“The Ukrainian President called those residents of the DPR and LPR who had obtained or planned to obtain a passport of the Russian Federation “lost” and “errant.” But what right has he to insult hundreds of thousands of people in such a way?! And private pre-trial detention centers in which Kiev politicians want to place Donbass residents surpass cynicism and inadequacy limits.

One should realize that this is the ultimate goal of the implementation of the NSDС’s hateful plans, as many as five of which have been announced by Danilov, the head of this agency. In addition to that, Kiev’s intentions also include the introduction of “truth commissions” that will determine which of the residents of Donbass must be lustrated, who must be deported, and who — placed in these private pre-trial detention centers. It is not clear how Zelensky was going to take use of the ideas any normal person would never come up with to convince the Normandy Format participants to transfer Donbass under Ukrainian control,” the Donetsk resident emphasized.