Chief of the Donetsk Republic Public Movement’s Central Executive Committee Aleksey Muratov commented on the plans of Zelensky’s team they openly announced to deport the population of Donbass.

“Zelensky got around to recognize the right of the Donbass residents to determine their place of residence, which is indefeasible enough as it is. Unless, of course, we are talking about the people whose choice is not in favor of Ukraine. Not only holders of Russian passports but also those who consider themselves Russians do not fall within the field of interest of the Ukrainian president, and therefore they will be bound to leave Donbass.

We remember perfectly well what reeducation measures are envisaged for the “undecided”, “lost” and “misguided”, for whom Ukraine’s leader promises to fight, according to the leaked plan for deportation of the residents of Donbass. In addition, the tools of the Ukrainian inquisitors include private detention centers, transitional justice with its “truth commissions” and other Orwell-style practices. If you believe the National Security and Defense Council’s secretary Aleksey Danilov, the official Ukrainian government has at least five scenarios for bringing Donbass to the all-Ukrainian denominator.

Zelensky himself keeps claiming that there are reserve plans under different names. We should remind the commander-in-chief how such plans usually end for Ukraine. Then again, this would once again discourage the belligerent fervor and facilitate Kiev’s determination to implement the Minsk Agreements and settle the conflict peacefully.

Zelensky and his team can rant about the return of Donbass for as long as they like, but its residents have already made their choice, and this choice is Russia. Similar statements from Ukrainian “benefactors” only strengthen confidence in the rightness of our decision. We are not waiting for Kiev’s “liberators” and “re-educators”, and we will never leave our home land, for which its defenders shed blood, we will never betray our historical memory and cultural values,” Aleksey Muratov stated.