As soon as Head of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Danilov began to deny the validity of the plan for the deportation of the Donbass people, he immediately admitted that his department was drafting five such scenarios at once. They covertly called them “reintegration plans”, but we understand what “reintegration” is meant by Zelensky and his people. A student from Dokuchayevsk, Alexander Antyukhov, stated such an opinion.

“Moreover, Zelensky himself in an interview with the German Spiegel magazine openly confirmed his intention to evict all the pro-Russian residents of our region. But this actually concerns the vast majority of people!

Take alone the so-called truth commissions that they want to introduce here?! That is, some strange experts, not only Ukrainian but also foreign ones, will interrogate the residents of Donbass and decide which of us is a “separatist” and which is a “terrorist”?!

And in addition to all of this assault, Kiev wants to establish private remand centres. It turns out that in accordance with Ukraine’s insane schemes, the residents of Donbass will also be obliged to pay for their own detention! One can only marvel at the morbid fantasy of these “innovators.”

But their plans for the deportation, lustration and eviction will never come true. We will never leave our land and will be standing to the end,” Alexander Antyukhov said.