Lying non-stop, piling up disinformation and denying all accusations, even the most obvious ones, are the strategy of Zelensky and his team, DPR People’s Council deputy Alexander Kurenkov stated.

“When he denied the plan for deportation of the Donbass residents, at that, this denial was never published on the official website, the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council immediately told about five scenarios that the Kiev regime did not see fit to make public. Why do they hide the details of these scenarios? Because all of them are aimed at genocide of the residents of the DPR and LPR in different ways. This is confirmed by information about private remand prisons, which Ukraine’s minister of Justice announced.

We all remember how in 2014, in SBU secret prisons, they tortured and victimized people who stood against the coup d’état in Kiev. Now Zelensky and his accomplices decided to take on board this practice. Moreover, they have plans to establish a certain commission and other special bodies that will determine the degree of loyalty of the Donbass residents to the Kiev regime.

Also, the president of Ukraine continues his rhetoric and says that the “lost and confused”, in his opinion, residents of the republics, who dared to get both Ukrainian and Russian social benefits, may leave Donbass and go to live in Russia. All this confirms that the plan for genocide of the population of Donbass is a real strategy of the Ukrainian government. Each scenario is more diverse than the other, whether that be giving a chance to leave within a month or neutralizing undesirable people who have their own opinions. This crime must be stopped at its very source,” Alexander Kurenkov commented.