Today, on December 4, Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin met with local activists, leaders of public opinion in Ilovaysk. According to a correspondent of the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the topic of their frank conversation was the most pressing problems of the town’s residents, which required a competent and immediate solution.

“Judging by the number of appeals coming to me from Ilovaysk, many problems have massed up here. It is necessary to be as close as possible to people to understand faster what problems they are concerned about. I would like this meeting to be in a question-and-answer mode, you can ask absolutely any questions, without hesitation, without worrying about anything. I have come here not alone, there are the Vice Premiere and ministers here whom you can ask specific questions. Our task is to solve the issues, find solutions, determine some prospects,” Denis Pushilin said.

Attending such events has already become a good tradition for the chiefs of specialized ministries and agencies. This allows citizens to ask their questions directly to those who are responsible for the state of affairs in this or that area. In particular, the meeting was attended by Deputy Chairman of the DPR Government Vladimir Pashkov, Minister of Labor and Social Policy Larisa Tolstykina, Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Public Utilities Sector Sergey Naumets, Minister of Health Olga Dolgoshapko, Chairman of the DPR Trade Union Federation Maxim Parshin, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Transport and others.

The participants discussed the solution to public utilities’ problems, for example, the issues of repayment of residents’ debts to the public utilities for the services provided, taxes and other matters. The residents of Ilovaysk asked their questions about the work of the DPR Internal Affairs Ministry’s Migration Service, the operation of checkpoints and customs control at the border with Ukraine, urban beautification of the town and arrangements for children’s leisure time.

The most acute and topical issues related to the financing of health care institutions, staffing with specialists, renovation of the clinic and town hospital and the lack of ambulances.

The situation concerning the nearby village of Vinogradnoye was not ignored, as it concerns transportation, water supply, operation of the local agricultural enterprise, etc.

“I believe that the town’s mayor should be more active. There are issues that are being solved in the current regime. It is necessary not to wait things out, but seek. And we are ready to cooperate and help. But nobody will do it except you. I know examples when many problems were solved thanks to the perseverance of the leaders, thanks to the arguments. And you have enough arguments as to why this is necessary for Ilovaysk, the town that has been seriously affected and still has not been restored. We just need to be active. I kindly request you to be more persistent, so there can be progress,” Denis Pushilin concluded.