DPR People’s Council deputy Alexander Kurenkov shared his opinion about Kiev’s plans for deportation of the Donbass people and about Zelensky’s efforts.

“It’s not enough that there is the plan on deportation of the people of Donbass, schemed by the National Security and Defense Council, which appeared on the Internet by chance, but Zelensky has already openly proposed to drive out all residents of Donbass, who have received Russian passports and have a liking for this country, to Russia, which is unheard-of impudence on his part!

In addition, Kiev said that it wants to pass a special law that will decide which residents of Donbass, for how long and how to be deprived of the rights, this is an open violation of not only the Minsk Agreements, but also all moral standards. It is unclear how Zelensky is going to negotiate on anything with such luggage.
But this ex-comedian also aggravated his position in the talks, saying in an interview with German media that Ukraine wants to “replay” the Minsk Agreements.

Moreover, Ukraine intends to form a certain body that will decide who should compensate for the losses incurred as a result of the war in Donbass. It’s not hard to guess whom this body will find guilty, it will be us, the residents of the Donetsk region. Moreover, in Kiev, they have already decided on sources with whose help they are going to compensate for those losses. It is again the residents of Donbass, who will be arrested, and then also will be forced to pay money for sitting in private remand prisons, yet another innovation of Zelensky’s “forward-looking” team,” Alexander Kurenkov said.