One of the questions the residents of Ilovaysk asked to the DPR Head concerned the problem of citizens’ lengthy crossing of the state border through checkpoints and customs control. The causes that lay behind the problem, according to Denis Pushilin, are due to organizational factors, a correspondent of the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic reported today, on December 5.

“We are aware of this problem. There are complex causes that are actually organizational in nature. We are looking for a solution, I think we will announce it in the very near future. It is associated not only with improving the infrastructure, but also with additional organizational measures.

Indeed, this problem has certain negative consequences for the image of the Republic in general. But, after all, there are no saboteurs leaving for the territory of Ukraine from ours, they do not blow up anything. In contrast, they go to our territory, blow up, and kidnap people, as was the case of Tsemakh. Therefore, we have security measures at a higher level. It is clear. But, people need a simpler procedure for crossing the checkpoints,” Denis Pushilin said.